Generic Cialis

Modern pharmacology offers a solution for the problems with erection- drugs to overcome erectile dysfunction. One of the most effective and safest of them – Cialis.

The global pharmaceutical market the drug appeared recently – in 2003. The company developed its 2 – ICOS Corporation and Eli Lilly (USA). First, Cialis went to market in Australia, Europe and New Zealand. Later, permission was obtained to use it in other countries. The tool became very popular in a short time. The main reason for such popularity – very long effect – up to 36 hours. It gives a man confidence that over one and a half days at any time it is ready for intimacy, no matter how spontaneous it is.


  • What is generic Cialis? These are the exact copies of the original medicines, which are produced not by the company that developed the drug, and any other pharmaceutical company. They are based on – the same chemical formula and the same active ingredient – Tadalafil. Therefore, the action, and the effectiveness of original and generic drugs are exactly the same. It’s just the same facility with the same effect, but from a different manufacturer.

Properties funds:

  • Cialis drug is very reliable. He has a number of advantages over Viagra – a pioneer among the means that solve the problem of erectile dysfunction. Experts recommend buy Cialis in the most severe cases, when Viagra does not have the expected impact. Tadalafil (Cialis)copes with erectile dysfunction of various origins: psychological, somatic and psychosomatic.

The benefits of the drug to Viagra:

The action lasts about one and a half days, while Viagra effect lasts for 3-4 hours.
The action begins in half an hour after ingestion, and Viagra – after 50-60 minutes.
Perhaps the use of the drug along with alcohol rather weak. This allows you to have a drink for a romantic dinner. With Viagra it is strictly not allowed. It should be noted that alcohol still can provoke side effects, because the individual reactions of the organism.
Together with the means possible meal. When taking Viagra food reduces its effectiveness.
The drug is well tolerated. Side effects after taking are extremely rare, and a list of contraindications is shorter than the list of Viagra.

Active substance of the drug:

The active ingredient – Tadalafil. It, as well as sildenafil (Viagra) and vardenafil (Levitra) is an inhibitor of phosphodiesterase type five (PDE-5). PDE5 – an enzyme produced by the human body and is responsible for the tone of blood vessels. Effects of tadalafil is directed to vessels relaxation and increased blood flow in them, causing the penis tightly fills with blood and an erection occurs quality. It should be noted that the occurrence of an erection is only a natural process. The effect appears only when a natural sexual stimulation, when a man is aroused.

  • Normally, at the end of intercourse produced PDE5 and squeezes blood vessels, squeezing out their blood. Erection disappears and penis comes in the usual sluggish state. Tadalafil suppresses the production of PDE-5, and prevents disappearance of erection. Sexual organ for longer stays in erection. An erection is so strong that from tight blood filling the penis become more sensitive, and the sensations and orgasms – brighter and longer. Tadalafil helps men recover very fast after sexual intercourse, and prepare for the next one. So, during this action man is able to carry out several acts of love.
  • Doctors advise to try Cialis to men without erectile dysfunction, in order to make sexual life more saturated. You can try Cialis when you are going on a first date, or the situation is going to be very exciting and very likely misfire. In these cases, do not worry about side effects. The medicine is very gentle on the body, that’s why sales of Cialis is so widespread and has huge momentum.
  • Since the sale of Cialis in pharmacy chains available only by prescription. Of course, medical consultation before taking the medicine required.
  • In online pharmacies tablets Cialis are sold without a prescription, and their price is several times lower. In this case, only have time to visit the doctor to consult about the possibility of drug use and to establish the correct dosage.


The benefits of generics:

Their main advantage – an affordable price for the same act and the same efficiency as the original. What is the reason such a price? And the fact that the company manufactures the drug at the final formula does not invest the money in its fabulous design and advertising. The huge difference in cost is a huge difference in price.

The second important advantage – a variety of dosages and dosage forms. If buy Cialis – original means only in tablet form for oral administration in dodzirovkah 5 mg and 20 mg, the buy Cialis may be in different dosages – 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg, 40 mg, 60 mg and five different forms: tablets, dragees, lozenges and chewing, gel capsules and tablets double action. This allows each customer to choose the most suitable option for themselves:

Tablets for oral administration of different dosages, e.g., 20 mg Tadalafil. In order not to crush the tablets at the dose if necessary, can be purchased dosage is 5 mg. It is for those who for the first time is going to use the medicine and the elderly. Also, five mg is often sufficient for those who do not have erectile dysfunction, but wants insurance against failure or to get new impressions and experience new sensations. It should be noted that generic Cialis 5 mg ideal for daily administration, doctors often prescribe treatment course of the dosage. 20 mg – the most common dose, which provides an optimal effect in the majority of men. Action begins on tablets half an hour after ingestion.

Chewable / Dispersible dragees, e.g., 20 mg Soft Tadalafil. The method of their reception is not like conventional medicine because many of the most enjoyable. They can suck like candy or chew like chewing gum. Moreover, their tastes are varied and enjoyable. In addition, the effect appears much more quickly – in just 15-20 minutes, because the suction starts right in the mouth;
Gel or jelly, (Tadalafil Oral Jelly). This form has the same advantages as the chewing dragees. Its reception is also not similar to the medication. Gel was adopted without the hassle of a sachet or consumed together with any drink. Absorbed active ingredient starts in the mouth as well, and operates more quickly – within 10-15 minutes. Jelly offers several pleasant taste.

Capsules with liquid substance (Tadalafil Super Active Plus 100 mg). The liquid is quickly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract without loss of time for dissolution. Therefore, the start time of its action – 15-20 minutes.


  • erectile dysfunction of any etiology and severity;
  • lower urinary tract symptoms in people with benign prostatic hyperplasia (benign);
  • desire to improve the quality of sexual intercourse or to insure against failures particularly exciting cases.


  1. vision problems, including ischemic optic neuropathy;
  2. cardiovascular diseases with physical and sexual load;
  3. chronic renal and hepatic failure;
  4. anatomical deformation of the penis;
  5. age 18 years;
  6. use nitrates, antihypertensives, erythromycin, itraconazole, ketoconazole, saquinovir, ritanovir;
  7. Hypersensitivity to the substances contained in the product;
    lactose intolerance;
  8. simultaneous use of doxazosin and other agents for the treatment of erectile disorders.

The dosage and method of administration:

The optimum dose for each patient has to choose a doctor. Only he is able to take into account the condition of the body to determine the presence of diseases included in the list of contraindications and restrictions for use. Most often, patients received a healthy dosage of 20 mg. But better to start using the 5 mg, gradually increasing it. The main condition – to comply with the time interval between doses. It must not be less than 24 hours. But as the duration can be up to 36 hours, it is best to re-take the medicine and a half days. Various forms of the drug are beginning to act through different times – from 10 to 30 minutes. Therefore, they must be made differently. Not to be mistaken with the time, read the description of the desired form of the drug.